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I have been working in the arts sector since 1980.  I am grateful to my parents for choosing to raise me and my two sisters in San Francisco.  I am proud of my Mexican Italian ancestry. Growing up in San Francisco in the 1960's with a large extended family was unforgettable. I was exposed to amazing music and events at venues such as : Winterland, The Fillmore, The Cow Palace and concerts in Golden Gate Park. The creativity, expressionism, and activism of the community seeped into my bones at an early age.  I left San Francisco when I was 18 years old to attend UC Davis where I met an incredible group of inspired young students and jumped into helping with the annual Whole Earth Festival, a dynamic festival organized by students who deeply care about the earth and her inhabitants.  Together we learned how to continue the legacy of Jose Arguello and his students who started the festival as a humanities project in 1969.

While at UC Davis I studied textile design but my true love was organizing art and music events with an emphasis on promoting education, peace, social justice, equality, harmony, and sustainable living practices.  After college and after working as a waitress, bartender, design assistant, and starting my small textile design business, I landed a receptionist job at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.  It took 15  years and a few key people believing in me, and I was offered a job as the first public program director of the Fine Arts Museums in 2006.  I worked with an incredible team to help establish Friday Nights at the de Young, the Artist-in-Residence program and many other creative community-led creative projects.  I had the honor to work with incredibly talented musicians, artists, performers, and curators. Because of wanderlust, I quit my job in 2016 and have since worked on some wonderful projects from abroad and while in CA with many of the artist friends I’ve been blessed with along the way.    Thanks for visiting and do check out my site.

photo by Christopher Augustus

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